Geographical Origin Determination


Gemmological Institute of India (GII)is proud to introduce a new feature in its Gemstone Reports- details of the origin of the stone- using state-of the-art Spectroscopic analysis by UV Visible, EDXRF etc.

GII origin certificates can be prepared in a few days and at a very nominal fee.

Now you no longer need to send your gemstones abroad to validate their country of origin!

Why Certificates of Origin?

The origin of a gemstone plays a very important role in determining its value particularly in the case of Rubies, Sapphires and Emeralds.

Till the time Dr. Edward Gubelin, the father of modern gemmology proposed that origin could be determined based on inclusions, the experienced eye of a gemstone dealer that was the final authentication of origin.

However, later the certification of origin became a serious problem when similar looking inclusions were observed in deposits in different parts of the World. Standard gem testing instruments could no longer be used to determine origin with satisfactory accuracy.

The solution to this problem was found in analysis using sophisticated advanced instruments-like the study of spectra of different gemstones under FTIR, UV Visible, Raman, and also elemental analysis under EDXRF.

Thus the inclusions study, supported by the spectral analysis and the elemental study became the ultimate means to determine positively the origin of various gemstones.