How to read certificate

Summery Number : Refers to Certificate Number

Description of Article: Includes Type of Article, Gross Weight of Jewellery, Net Weight of Jewellery, Colour of Gold, Karat Weight of Gold, Number of Diamonds, Carat Weight of Diamonds

Cut :  The criteria by which a polished diamond is graded for its proportions, facet angles and overall symmetry as compared with those of the ideal cut ( e.g. Scan DN or T olkowsky proportions). Also called the Diamond’s make. Antique cut ( cushion ), brilliant cut ( round, marquise / navette, oval pear – shape) , baguette, cabochon, emerald cut, rose cut and scissors cut.

Est. Total Weight : refers to total Diamond Weight

Colour : GII defines colour grade of diamond by comparing with CIBJO Master stone set using  light source of 5500 Kelvin

D Exceptional White + Colourless
E Exceptional White
F Rare White Near Colourless
G Rare White
H White
I Slightly tinted white Faint Colour
J Slightly tinted white
K Tinted White
L Tinted White
M-Z Tinted Very light to light colour


Finish : Refers to the excellence of polish, freedom from external flaws and overall symmetry of a faceted diamond. Sometimes classified as the diamond’s external clarity.