National Conference on Diamond and other Gemstones

(with Emphasis on India’s Resources and Policy Perspectives)

 October 26-27, 2017

Jointly organized


Department of Geology, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh


 South Asian Association of Economic Geologists

Aligarh and Bhopal Chapters

Forum of Indian Gemmologists



The relation between man and gemstone is known from the time immemorial and is getting stronger with time. With civilization and technological advancement, this relationship is  no longer restricted to the basic needs of mankind, but is extended further to increase the beauty and is  even linked with the fortune of the wearer or the possessor.

Gemstones in the form of diamond are reported to have been first found in India. As revealed from the writing of Kautalya (4th Century BC), during ancient and medieval periods, India was the world’s only source of gemstone, especially diamond, till the discovery of diamond resources in Brazil in 1725.

India has been known as one of the largest processing center for diamond in the world. About 99 per cent of India’s production of diamond comes from the Kimberlite pipe of Majhgawan and remaining 1 per cent from small operation in quaternary gravels in Panna district of Madhya Pradesh. In the global market, India has 55 per cent share in terms of cartage sold.

Apart from the diamond, other minerals likes ruby, sapphire, emerald, topaz, amethyst, garnet and variety of quartz and feldspar are being mined and used as gemstones. At present, Surat is the main processing center for diamond and other gemstones. In term of money, the export of gemstone and jewellry has reduced from 32.44% in May 2015 to 25.60% in May 2016. The production of colored gemstones from Rajasthan, particularly from Jaipur on decreasing trend as compared to past few years. The share of India in global finished product of diamonds is about 80 per cent in terms of quality and about 55 per cent in terms of value. Presently, there is call to develop gem industries, upgrading the technologies for making our product and generate more income from gem and jewellery industry. Buyers and sellers meet from all over the world should be organized every year and more attention should be given to publicity through media and organizing conferences/ seminar, exhibition and trade fairs etc.

The future prospects of gem and jewelry in India are very bright, though minor impact of recession and terrorist activities throughout the world may be affecting the industry for the time being. Barring this, the future of this trade, especially of colored stones, is very bright.

About the Aligarh Muslim University

Aligarh Muslim University (AMU), accredited by NAAC in ‘A’ grade, is an Institution of National/International repute. It was established by Sir Syed Ahmed Khan in 1875 as Mohammedan Anglo-Oriental College (MA importance (Seventh Schedule, Article 246 of the Indian Constitution). AMU ranked 3rd among Indian Universities (Times Higher Education, Asia Ranking 2014). AMU is a central university located in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh. It was established by Sir Syed Ahmed Khan in 1875 as Mohammedan Anglo-Oriental College (MAO College). Spread over 467.6 hectares in the city of Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh, Aligarh Muslim University offers more than 300 courses in the traditional and modern branches of education. It draws students from all corners of the country as well as foreign countries, especially Africa, West Asia and Southeast Asia. In some courses, seats are reserved for students from SAARC and Commonwealth Countries. The University has 12 Faculties viz. Agricultural Sciences, Arts, Commerce, Engineering & Technology, Law, Life Sciences, Medicine, Management Studies & Research, Science, Social Sciences, Theology, Unani Medicine, each comprising of several Departments of Studies. The University also maintains a number of Colleges, Institutes, Centres and Schools. Notably among them are Women’s College, Centre of Professional Courses, Interdisciplinary Biotechnology Unit, Zakir Hussain College of Engineering & Technology, Ajmal Khan Tibbiya College, Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College, Dr. Ziauddin Ahmad Dental College, Institute of Ophthalmology, Centre for Advanced Studies in History, Centre for Women Studies, Centre for Nehru Studies, University Polytechnic University, Women’s Polytechnic, K.A. Nizami Centre for Quranic Studies, Schools including one for the visually challenged.

About the Department of Geology

The teaching of Geology was initiated in the Aligarh Muslim University at the undergraduate level in 1946. The Post-graduate teaching started in 1951 during the First Five Year Plan. The Department of Geology acquired its own building in 1961. The first Coal petrology lab in India was established at the department. The foundation stone of the current building of department of Geology’ was laid down by Dr. D.N. Wadia, the then Geological Adviser of The Government of India, on the 5th day of February, 1957. The department has produced 04 D. Sc., 140 Ph.D. and 149 M. Phil degrees. The Department ohas been active in scientific deliberations and interactions and hosted a number of National and International Conferences and Lectures by eminent National and International Geo-scientists, notable among them are: International Gondwana Symposium (1970), Prof. E.S. Hills lecture Series (1972), Indo-Soviet Symposium on Rifted Basins and Aulacogens (1990). Teachers and Alumni of the Department have received prestigious awards including National Mineral Award, M.S. Krishnan Gold Medal and have been selected as member of National working Group of different International Geological Correlation Programmes (IGCP). Its faculty members have published their research work in reputed journals like Precambrian Research, Gondwana Research, Cretaceous Research, International Journal of Geological Review, Journal of Asian Earth Sciences, Lithosphere, Island Arc. The Department provides active support to run a P.G. Dip. Gem Testing and Jewelry Designing/ Specializations Program of Research of the Department includes Geochemistry, Igneous Petrology, Sedimentology, Hydrogeology, Environmental Geology, Remote Sensing and GIS Applications, Micropaleontology, Economic Geology and Structural Geology. The Department offers courses of B.Sc. (Hons.), M.Sc. (Applied Geology), P.G. Diploma in Hydrogeology, M.Phil and Ph.D. The Department of Geology has the distinction of providing leadership in area of Sedimentology in India, and in recognition to this, the Indian Association of Sedimentologists has established its Headquarters in the Department of Geology. The U.G.C. has also recognized the contribution of the Geology Department in Sedimentology and Environmental Geology. In recognition to this D.S.A. in Sedimentology and Environmental Geology was sanctioned in 1992. The successful completion of D.S.A. Phase-I of the Department led to its extension as D.S.A. Phase-II and subsequently the Department was also selected for COSIST assistance for the development of its infrastructure. The University Grants Commissions has sanctioned a DRS-I (SAP) to the Department of Geology for 2010-2015 period for the upliftment of teaching and research under the following thrust areas: Petrology/Geochemistry, Environmental Geology. In recognition to successful completion of DRS-I (SAP), the UGC has granted DRS-II for five years (2016-2021) in the thrust areas of Geochemistry, Environmental Geology and Sedimentary Geology.

About the “Association of Economic Geologists”

The Association of Economic Geologists constitutes the only techno-scientific forum of economic geologists and related stakeholders of mineral sector in India. It was set up following a strong plea of the then President of the Association of Geoscientists for International Development. (AGID) and Chairman of the second South Asian Geological  Congress (GEOSAS-II), Prof. P.G. Cooray Jointly with Dr. H. Van Wees, official representative of the ESCAP (United Nations), Dr. H. Van Wees. About 40 International geoscientists from various countries of South Asia who participated in GEOSAS – II unanimously resolved in support of their plea in a special requisioned  meeting held at Colombo, Sri Lanka on 23rd January 1995. The Association was subsequently launched as the Indian arm/chapter of the proposed South Asian Association of Economic Geologists (SAAEG) at Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad and was registered formally under the Societies Registration Act XXI, 1860 at New Delhi on 4th July, 1996.

The Association Website at can be visited for relevant information regarding aims and objectives, management, past activities, regular programmes, publications, journal, etc of the Association in details.

About Forum of Indian Gemmologists for Scientific

The Forum of Indian Gemmologist for Scientific Studies was set up by the qualified gemmologists in India with a view to promote and propagate the science of gemstones in the country.

The Forum is a public Trust registered under the Societies Act in Mumbai. The fellow membership of the Forum is open to the qualified gemmologists from Gemmological Association of Great Britain, Gemmological Institute of America , German Gemmological Institute and all the Gemmological Institutions run by the Gem and Jewellery Export Promotion Council . Other than the above all those who are interested in the study of Gemmology can be enrolled as Associate member of Forum .

Forum organizes regular Seminar, Workshops ,Symposia etc. to educate the members and general public in India about the advancements taking place in the field of gemology around the world.

Forum publishes a trade oriented “ Bulletin “ and Scientific journal known as “Indian Gemmologists” , the only Scientific Journal in Gemmology in India .

Major Themes of the Conference

  1. Geological setting, genesis and controls of gemstone mineralization.
  2. Gemstone exploration and exploitation (mining) technologies including environmental aspects.
  3. Gemstone industries, related legislation marketing and trade, export and import .
  4. Gemstone identification, cutting and polishing technology and art of Jewelry making.
  5. Enhancement and treatment of gemstones.
  6. Gemstone and astrology.

Venue: Venue of the conference will be: Department of Geology, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh -202002, U.P., India.

Call for Papers:

Original research papers covering one or more of the above stated themes are invited for presentation (either oral or through poster) in the conference. The official language is English. Abstract not exceeding 1000 words may be submitted to the Organizing Secretary, in A4 size, single spacing and Arial 12 font format. Abstract must have full title (maximum 75 characters)  mailing address, phone and email address of the author(s).

Abstract will be peer-reviewed and the corresponding author will be duly intimated regarding the acceptance and presentation as per the programme. The full paper shall have to be submitted on receipt of confirmation of acceptance within the stipulated date. Papers should be submitted in A4 size, single spacing and Arial 12 font format in the form of one hard copy as well as in electronic/soft copy. Figures, drawing, photographs, etc., should also be incorporated in CD/Mail. The full paper should include the abstract, not exceeding 1000 words.

Registration Fee:

Participation in the conference is by registration in advance. The registration fee includes admission to all sessions/abstract volume and folder. The registration fee is as follows:

Category UP to 30.8.2017 After 30.8.2017
SAAEG member*


Rs. 1500/- Rs. 2000/-
Forum Members*


Rs.1500/- Rs.2000/-
Others Rs. 2000/- Rs. 2500/-
Students** Rs. 1500/- Rs. 2000/-
Accompanying Person Rs. 1000/- Rs. 1500/-

*SAAEG and Forum members should quote membership number and Association’s chapter to which affiliated.

**Student delegates should get their registration form certified by their institute’s head or head of the department under the seal of office.


Advertisements for the conference souvenir are invited from the interested organizations. The tariff is as follows:

Selected location in the proposed souvenir Amount Advertisement charge includes registration fee for
Back cover Rs. 50,000/- 3 delegates
Inside front/inside back cover Rs. 30,000/- 2 delegates
Full page Rs. 20,000/- 1 delegate
Half page Rs. 10,000/- ****

Note: Size of souvenir 279.4 x 215.9 mm

Print size 254x 175mm

Accommodation: Limited accommodation will be arranged on payment basis in the University Guest House and locally available institutional Guest Houses, Private Hotels based on advance payment. The charges for single and double rooms vary from Rs.2500 to 6000/- per day for  all the above categories. Delegates are requested to convey the type of accommodation and food habit of their choice at the earliest to the Convener.

Please send this form duly filled in, alongwith payable registration fee to:

Prof. Liaqat A.K.Rao

Convener –cum-Treasurer

National Conference on Diamond and other Gemstones

Department of Geology

Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh, U.P. India

Mob: 09837554490, 09897232106



Sponsorship for the conference is invited from the central and state government organizations, public sector undertakings, corporate sector, financial institutions, professional, exploration and mining organizations, traders, industrial houses, etc,. The prospective sponsors are requested to extend their offer in the registration form. The support received from the sponsoring agencies shall be duly acknowledged and publicized at the conference venue. Profile of the sponsoring organization will also be published in the souvenir. Sponsors may submit such profile along with the registration form. Different categories of sponsorship are as follows:

Category Amount Sponsorship includes Registration fee for sponsored
Diamond Above Rs. 5 lakh 5 delegates
Sapphire Above Rs. 2.5 and up to Rs. 5.0 lakhs 4 delegates
Ruby Above Rs. 1lakh and up to Rs. 2.5 lakhs 3 delegates
Emerald Above Rs. 50,000/- and up to Rs. 1 lakh 2 delegates
Amethyst Rs. 25,000/- 1 delegate

Important Dates:

  1. Issue of Circular: July 30, 2017
  2. Submission of Abstract: August 30, 2017
  3. Acceptance of Abstract: August 15, 2017
  4. Submission of full paper: September 30, 2017
  5. Response form for advertisement :August 30, 2017
  6. Sponsorship: August 30, 2017
  7. Conference date: October 26-27,2017

Address for Correspondence

Prof.Liaqat A.K.Rao


National Conference on Diamond and other Gemstones

Department of Geology

Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh, U.P. India

Mob: 09837554490, 09897232106



Organizing Committee:

Chief Patron: Prof.Tariq Mansoor,Vice Chancellor,A.M.U,Aligarh

Chairman:  Prof.Talat Ahmad,Vice-Chancellor,Jamia Milia Islamia University, New Delhi

Co-Chairman: Dr.A.S.Bhalla, Director, Krishna Gem Institute and Research Center, Gwalior

Chief Co-Ordinator: Prof. K.L.Rai,President,Association of Economic Geologists, Bhopal

Co-Coordinator: Prof. D.C.Gupta,Dean,Barkatullah University,Bhopal

Conveners: Prof.Liaqat.A.K.Rao and Dr..A.N.Singh

Co-Conveners: Prof. R.S.Raghuwanshi and Dr Datta Mainkar

Organizing Secretaries: Prof. Abu Talib, Prof. M.E.A.Mondal and Dr.Yunus Ali P

Joint Organising Secretaries: Prof.A.H.M.Ahmad, Dr.M.S.Khan,Dr.S.A.Rashid, Dr.Abdullah Khan and Dr.Sarfarz Ahmad.

National Advisory Committee:

Shri Kapil Malhotra,President,Forum of Indian Gemmologist(FIG),Mumbai

Shri Zubin Lakadawalla,Vice President,(FIG)

Shri K.T.Ramchandran,Hon.Secretary,(FIG),Mumbai

Shri Prateek Jhaveri,Hon.Jt.Secretary (FIG)

Mrs.Sucheta Chudawala,Hon.Treasurer (FIG)

Mr.K.K.Sharma,Committee Member(FIG)

Ms.Anjali Jhaveri, Committee Member (FIG),Mumbai

Mrs.Jayshree Penjikar, Committee Member(FIG),Mumbai

Mrs Silvia Sequeira, Committee Member(FIG),Mumbai

Shri Dharmesh Pachchigar, Committee Member(FIG),Mumbai

Mrs.Maryada Sharma, Committee Member(FIG),Mumbai

Dr. Deepak Bagai, Committee Member FIG & Director, Asiatic Center of Gemological Services, Mumbai.

Prof. R.V. Karanth 104 ‘AARTH’ 29, Pratapganj, Vadodara (GUJARAT) Currently as Visiting Professor at Dept. of Earth Sciences IIT, Mumbai

Shri Shripal kumar Desai, Member, Research Advisory Board, Gemological Institute of India, Mumbai

Dr. Shekhar Vashistha, Senior Gemologist, Jewellery Design & Technical Institute, New Delhi

Dr. M.D. Sastry, Head R&D Department, Gemological Institute of India (GII), National Research Centre, Opera House, Mumbai

Dr.Pravin Hanriques, Dept. of Geology, St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai

Prof. Pankaj K. Srivastava, Department of Geology, University of Jammu (J&K)

Mrs.Shyamla Fernandes,Gemmologist,Goa

Mrs. Veena Shah – Gem Consultant & Master trainer for Jewellery retail sales with GJSCI

Mr.Mustaqeem Khan,Director,IGITL,Pvt.Ltd.Jaipur

Mr.Gagan Choudhary,GTL,Jaipur

Dr. Tanuja Marathe, Gemologist, Fergusson College, Pune

Mr. Sandeep Parekh, Director, Bharat Gem Testing Laboratory, Chennai

Dr. M. Sudhakar, Adviser, Ministry of Earth Sciences, Govt. of India, New Delhi.

Prof.Bijay Singh,PVC,N.P.University,Palamau,Jharkhand


Prof.K.L.Srivastava,HOD,Geology,JNV, University,Jodhpur


Prof.Vibhuti Rai,HOD,Geology Department,Lucknow University,Lucknow

Mr. Tasneem Habib, Chief Scientist & Group Head, M.P. Council of Science & Technology, Bhopal

Dr.Hishmi Jamil Husain,Head Environment and Forest Management,Tata Steel,Jamshedpur

Mr.Rajesh Verma,Consultant, Gems and Jewelry, New Delhi

Dr.N.K.Nanda Director (Tech), NMDC

Dr. P.S.N. Murthy – Retd. G.M., NMDC, Hyderabad

Mrs. Vidya Mazumdar, Head, Gemological Sciences International (GSI) Mumbai

Mr. Paresh Zaveri, Director, Cerebral Heritage Ltd, Mumbai

Dr. Pradip R. Paul, Exploration & Mining Consultant, Kolkata .

Director, Gem Testing Unit, Geological Survey of India, Kolkata

Dr.V.K.Parashar, Professor of Geology, Indore

Dr.V.L.Punwatkar,Professor and Head, Department of Geology, Bhopal